Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quiet Book #20: New Testament Bible

I previously posted the Old Testament of my mom's quiet books she made for us as kids and I wanted to make sure to follow up with the New Testament book as well.  So, here it is:

The cover:

Here are the Nativity page & the Wise Men page.

Here they are in action.  On the nativity page Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus are removable.  The wise men page was hard to show but they have little stone gems inside of the pockets.  The one in the middle has a clear one and the one on the right has a blue one.  Can you see them now?

These next pages are of Jesus growing up as a carpenter and of him getting baptized.

For the carpenter page you pull out the pieces of wood to build the table and chair.  On the baptism page the white flaps open to reveal the dove that descends down on Jesus after being baptized.

This used to be my favorite page as a kid: the Fisherman's page and the paralyzed man page.

The fish are removable with snaps and can be put into the net. The crippled man is healed and stands up.

This is the story of the Lost Sheep and the women with her offering.

The shepherd finds his lamb in the thorns of a bush. You unbutton it and place it in the arms of the shepherd with another button.  The women's bag opens with her offering coins inside and you can place it into the offering bucket.

This is the Good Samaritan page and the Last Supper Page.

The Good Samaritan removes some cotton balls, alcohol swabs and some warn out bandaids (not quite too sticky) and cleans up the wounds of the hurt man.  The last supper pieces are inside the pocket of the table and match up to the shapes of a cup, and bowl of bread representing the communion.

This was also one of my favorite pages: Jesus' Death on the cross and the Resurrection.

It was probably hard to see but the crosses were in pockets lower on the page (made from felt and popsicle sticks) and were hidden again the black of the mountain, but they are now placed in the higher up three pockets and reveal the three crosses of Jesus and the two thieves.  The rock on the opposite page rolls away to reveal Jesus alive again!

I need to ask my mom about this page, not quite sure how this lacing one fits in.  Anybody else have an idea?  The opposite page however is of Paul spreading the word and establishing churches.

The first page obviously unlaces.  The page with Paul, the churches are removed from the Bible as he spreads the Word and velcro onto the different place.

And this is the final page representing Jesus on the throne.

I hope you all liked this.  My mom remembers spending hours creating these two Bible books for us and I'm so glad she did!  They've been around for over 30 years at least and have still held up quite well I must say.  Thanks Mom for all your dedication in teaching us and surrounding us with the Word.  I know this was just one of the many ways you did and now my girls can enjoy them too!

Blessings to you all!

Heather Joy


  1. The lacing page is probably the story of Dorcas - who sewed clothes for the poor. She was brought back to life - I think by one of the apostles, not Jesus. I'm pretty sure the story is in the book of Acts (I should know this...ugh)

  2. What an inspiring book. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What an inspiring book. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The details in this book are wonderful! My favorite is the crippled man standing up, what a neat idea.

  5. I love these pages! It's awesome that they've last so long. Great family heirloom. I'm going to make one of these for each of my siblings' families.

  6. Some great ideas. Looking to make a book for my granddaughter's first birthday