About Me

My name is Heather Joy Garcia.  I am a stay at home, Christian mom of one child: Kara Caitlyn.  She is the joy of my life, besides my husband of course ;-)  

But let me tell you a little bit about my life before my angel was born.  When I was 15yrs. I had the amazing privilege to be trained at a private Christian school in Arizona, first starting with 3 year olds, than 4's and working my way up to Kindergarten, which is where I would end up staying for quite some time.  I loved being around children and especially see them come in at the beginning of the year just learning their letters and watching them progress to reading books by the end of the year.  It was always amazing to me to see their little minds working.  I ended up staying at that school as an assistant Kindergarten teacher for over 8 1/2 years combined before moving to Texas.

When Kara started coming along I didn't know what the future held.  I wanted to stay home but finances never really allowed for that, so we prayed, had maternity photos done by my brother (Jefferson Todd Photography) and then we prayed some more.

I ended up working at another Christian daycare in the afternoons all the way up until 38 weeks of pregnancy.  That was when the summer program ended and it was a good time to finish up.  So, I sat and home and waited.  Waited for the baby and for the finances to somehow show up, so I could somehow stay home with her.

After a LONG and not so fun delivery, I give you Kara Caitlyn Garcia.  She's gorgeous, right?  Well, I guess that's what all mom's say, but really she is!

And God has been faithfully providing for this baby and us every since.  Sometimes I don't know how we do it but some way God always manages to send us little blessings that work out just in time to help us get by.  It has been a real test of our faith and I don't know that I've ever had to trust God so much, but I find my faith in Him growing so much because of it.

Now, it's been over 16 months and we are still counting on God as much as ever to provide for us.  It has been an amazing journey though and to be able to stay home with my little girl, I would do ANYTHING.  I love being able to take every possible moment to teach my daughter about how God and her mommy & daddy love her and about the wonderful world he has created for her, no daycare could ever offer that.  This takes....a mother touch.

And of course starting the journey of motherhood has left me a lot more time for exploring the crafty side of myself, which I didn't realized I missed so much, until I had more time to be at home to do it.  Thus, Glued to Glory has started.  It will post all my scrapbooking, cooking, sewing projects.  Just a bit of randomness of everything in my life I guess. :-)  Also, with my love of teaching I currently help in our church nursery, and have a Garcia School Day on Thursdays when my friends kids come over for lesson.  So, be looking for some fun and exciting teaching and craft ideas for the little ones too!