Sunday, September 2, 2012

Quiet Book #11: Button Flowers

Here is the 11th page in my quiet book adventure.  I'm on a mission to make a memorable book for Kara (and eventually Emma) that they can cherish for a lifetime.  I remember how much fun I had with my bible quiet books as a kid and now I can appreciate my mom's hard work making them!  For this page first cut out whatever kinds of flower shapes you want: Tulip, Daisy, etc.  Then as you can see in the photo below, you need to sew on the middle, and sew a long rectangular box (size it by the button you plan to use) , then cut a line in the middle.  This will become your button hole.

Pin where you want the flowers placed on the page. Then I removed one at a time. Marked where the middle of the flower was with a piece of pink chalk, just enough to see it.  Then I just started at the bottom line which I was going to add grass on at the end and started a zig zag stitch at the widest width on my sewing machine.  I set it so it wouldn't even move it.  So, as it stitched once I felt it was think enough I would slowly move it along.  I stitched all the way up to the top where I placed my chalk mark.  Try to add some bend into it.  You don't want it to be so straight and unrealistic.

Sew on a button (make sure you check that it fits through the hole you made!!) I made sure to use buttons that were all of similar sizes so the flowers could easily be interchanged.

Last, cut out a piece of grass felt and sew it on, covering up all the end of your flower stems, making it look so clean and nice.  I decided to just stitch a rectangle on the bottom of the grass that way the girls could make the grass stand up.  Kind of fun I guess, maybe not.  Either way it adds just another little element to the page.

And here you have it, another beautiful page of flowers that interchange.  A great task for building up those fine motor skills.  Note: you can make the holes smaller on flowers making it more difficult for the older kids, or larger and easier for the toddlers. Have fun and God Bless!