Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kipper The Dog Birthday Party

Kara has loved Kipper the Dog, the British Cartoon, ever since she started watching TV. So, not much to my surprise, she wanted to have a Kipper the Dog Birthday Party when she turned 3 years old. Right away I agreed and was actually really excited because Kipper is such a wonderful, simple, slow-paced show (compared to most nowadays). Only problem is, come to find out when searching for ideas, there aren't really any ideas because its a show from over seas so nothing is really sold here in the US.

So, I started my manhunt for anything even remotely relating to Kipper or dog themed and here's what we ended up with. I had many compliments that this was the cutest idea for a party ever.

I ended up creating the graphics myself in photoshop because there was nothing out there.

For our menu:
-puppy chow (same things as muddy buddies)
-dog food (cocoa puffs)
-dog treats (scooby snacks graham crackers)
-toilet water (blue juice)
-pup cakes (cocoa puffs on top of chocolate icing)

The main idea for the party was Kipper's Adoption Center.

The adoption papers were more teal, not neon green. Not sure what happened when I saved them as a jpeg.  I just need to adjust my color settings for the future.

We bought small dogs off of oriental trading and each child came up, picked a dog from the pound. We had leashes of yarn on each of them. We asked the kids to think of a name. Then we went around the room and they introduced their dogs.

Then we proceeded with puppy obedience training. We had them teach their dogs to sit, roll over, play fetch, speak and many more. Then we had a quick performance. Where each child took a turn and showed the one trick that their dog could do best.

Then we gave out awards for the dog show. The trophies were purchased from Dollar Tree. Here were our list of awards:
-best bark
-highest jumper
-best in show
-most lazy
-most obedient
-best looking
-most spots
-fastest runner
-best swimmer
-most shy
-coolest tricks

Then, now being competent owners and proving they could care and train their puppy, they got to go over to Kippers Adoption Center and officially adopt their new puppy and got a New Puppy Take Home Kit. I created the adoption papers and the kids put their dog print (dog stamp) on the official document. In their kit was a doggy tennis ball (Dollar Tree), bag of dog treats (scooby snacks), and then they can also put their trophy, certificate and dog in their.

We had such a fun time. I'd definitely call this party a success. :). Happy Birthday my sweet girl. I can't believe you're three years old.

Blessings to you all!


  1. That’s lovely. I liked all these arrangements for this birthday bash. Well, we are also planning a surprise birthday bash for our twin’s 14th birthday and have been making plans for a DIY party at some outdoor San Francisco event venues. Hoping to have a great time in this bash.