Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quiet Book #6: Snowman

Here's the next page in my ongoing quiet book series:  The snowman page.

First, you need to cut out all your objects: snowman circles (3) arms, mittens, scarf, accent stripes, carrot nose, coal eyes, hats, broom, broom stick, igloo, and snow hills.

Next, you need to glue on all your accent stripes to your hat, mittens and scarf.  I also glued the eyes and nose onto the snowman's head because the pieces were so small I was afraid they would too easily disappear. The picture shows extra because when I take the time to make a page I make 3 pages!  Then I can gift or sell the extra pages....at least that's the plan.

Don't forget to glue on the broom's accent bar.  You can also see here how I sewed some lines to look like the bristles of the broom. I also fringed cut the bottom. So, broom like, right? :)

The next thing I did was get the igloo ready.  First, the arch.

The horizontal lines.  I just skipped the part of the arch, back stitching before and after the arch and on the ends.

Then the tedious vertical lines, but it turned out oh, so cute!

Since I was making three of each I tried one in white and one in gray.  I really couldn't see the white, so I went with gray on the 3rd one because I thought it was nice to see the ice blocks.  Here you can see for yourself:

Sew on the snow hills, starting with the largest down to the smallest. 

Add a sew on snap to the top of the igloo.  Then lay out where you want the igloo to set on the page. 

Then sew the igloo on JUST ON THE SIDES AND BOTTOM.  You're only going up the sides a little, leaving enough room for the kids to easily open and put the pieces into the igloo.  

I always put all of the parts in the igloo before finding where the opposite snap needs to be attached on the background.  If you don't, then after stuffing it full of the objects it might not line up anymore. Note: I think I could have even left a little more open on the sides, not much but just a bit more would have made it easier.  Plus, once the stuff is in their it's not coming out.  Then have fun building a snowman.  Oh, and adding a few pom poms can act well as the buttons :)

Happy crafting!