Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Quiet Book #3: Mailbox

Here are the plans for the mailbox: 
-Opening flap
-Postcard inside that has removable stamp (or an actual paper envelope, not sure yet)
-Flag, that moves up and down when there's mail

Here is the finished product, minus a few finishing touches, which I'll add later:

Now for how I did it. First, cut out all the pieces.

Second, you need to sew on the button to the gray mailbox.  Measure out where you want the flag to be then sew the button.

Sew on the brown post for the mailbox.  Make sure you lay everything out, so you know where it needs to go.

Then sew on the grass.  I chose to sew a light green accent color.  I thought it looked really nice, and make them look more like leaves.

Then pin on where your mailbox needs to go, and sew.  Although if your trying to rush and get it done you may do what I did: 

Yes, I actually sewed it closed! LOL. So be warned: make sure to leave the opening to your mailbox actually open.

Then sew on the opening flap.  You can add a small tag on the end if you want. I was going to use ribbon but just ended up using the red felt scraps that I already had on the table.

Next, you just need to make your flag by cutting two flags out of red, and a pink heart with heat and bond on the back.  Iron on the heart, then sew the two sides together.  For some reason my heat and bond didn't stick, so I ended up sewing around the heart.  I kind of actually like the look better anyways.

Lastly, you just need to cut a whole for the button to go through.  I did not want it to be easily removable.  I just wanted it to move up and down, so I made the whole considerably smaller than the button and forced it through. That way it won't be taken off and lost.

And there you have it:  An awesome mailbox for your kids to play with.  I haven't had time yet to create the postcard with stamp.  When I do I'll add that on for you.  Happy crafting!