Friday, January 28, 2011

Pig Party Birthday

This last weekend we went to Kara's good friend Raleigh's birthday party.  She turned two years old.  It's crazy how time flies.  I remember just the other day when we found out they were pregnant and then we were pregnant 9 months later.  It's fun to have another girl, so close to Kara's age.  Here are a couple pictures of the party for ideas for anyone wanting to plan a Pig Party:

The Birthday Girl with her piggies.

Blowing out the candles on the cute pig cake.  

Time for presents.

Pig noses made of hearts.  It was near Valentine's Day, so it made for an easy pig nose.  She had them cutely displayed around a vase. Wish I would have gotten a pic of that.

Here's our attempt at a group shot of all the piggies with their noses. Quick parents get out of the shot!

HA!  Yes, that's my screaming daughter on the right, with my husband to the side laughing at her.  Good times!  Besides the birthday girl and Kara I think the pig noses went over quite well ;-)

For the party favors we got a cute little piggy bank with Kara's name written in permanent marker on it.  There were white and pink ones for the girls and blue ones for the boys.  So cute.

She handed them out like this, with the piggy cake ball in it.  Really cute.

Some close ups of the cake balls.  What a cute idea: pink m&m's and chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the ears.  And they tasted Soooo good.  They were cutely displayed in a big cake ball bouquet, which I once again should have taken a picture of, dangit.

The menu for the party was going to be pigs in a blanket, but it was switched to piggie dogs in a bun (aka hot dogs).  What a fun day.  Kara was even given the birthday girls' balloon to take home.  She had tons of fun in the car with it.  Good times. Happy Birthday Raleigh!

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