Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foosball Championship (a.k.a. Ryan's Birthday Party)

Well, I wanted to plan something really fun this year for Ryan's birthday.  We just recently got new Foosball men for our table...so what could be better than a Foosball Championship?!  Nothing, that's right! So, with a little printing, planning and preparation, here is what conspired:

These are the invitations.  A foosball man and I added all the party details on the back.  Then printed them on tagboard and cut them out around the foosball man.

I printed off a bunch of foosballs and more foosball guys to hang up.

There are going to be 6 couples total, so we're playing a double elimination game, so each team gets an adequate amount of play time.  Here's the bracket:

I just cut up some index cards and gave it to each couple to decorate however they wished with their Team Name.  Some of them were quite unique, lol.

For the menu, we had Foosball cookies... (oreos with white buttercream frosting)

...a Foosball Field 7 layer dip.  (just like normal, except I put the guacamole on top and used some sour cream to create the lines)

...plus all the other yummy goodies that you need at a party.

Here was a fun kid version of foosball.  It would have been better at a slightly larger table, so the kids couldn't reach as far, but they still had fun.  I found the puppets online somewhere (I'll have to look to find the link again) and used an empty tomato can box as the two end goals.  Would have painted them like nets, but alas, I ran out of time.

Here's the guys acting out the game. Yes, I forced them, lol.

Well, we had lots of fun.  The games got pretty heated at times.  All in all, who came on top?

That's right....Ryan and I (The Bed Intruders,lol).  But that should be expected, right? We are the only ones who own a foosball table so it would look to sad if we lost.  Fun times for everyone who played though. Here is the prize basket, which ended up going to the runner ups: The Jones'.

Yes, that's a foosball I taped to the Itunes gift card.  It made it look like he's kicking the foosball.  Awesome.  Fun times!  Can't wait until next year :)

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