Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quiet Book #7: Number Matching

For the next page in Kara's quiet book I wanted something to help her practice her numbers as she gets older.  So, I just made a number matching page.  I didn't want any loud velcro during church, but with it all being felt it sticks together just fine without.  I found a simple pattern at, I don't know where (I'll keep looking because I want to give credit to the right person) and copied the pattern for the numbers.

You will need 3 cutouts of each number.  Two will be sewn together back to back and one will be sewn onto the page.  I used a fun, variety of colors just because I felt like it.  

I also created a back page that has a giant pocket to hold all the numbers.  I made it simply by cutting a square and opening flap.  Cut a hole for the button on the flap.  Sew the button on the square.  Then sew on the top flap, then the bottom and sides of the square. Here are some quick picks on how I made that:

Here's the final product: (Sorry, it wouldn't flip for me)

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