Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Family Halloween 2012

Much delayed but here is just a quick picture I wanted to share of our Halloween costumes.  We always host our Young Married's Halloween Party for our church group. We have a such an awesome group of families.  This is my favorite party the whole year because ALL our families come dressed up, so it's really fun to see how people match.  Quite a few of the families do matching themes like we do. This years theme was Basketball.

-Daddy was the coach in his business suit with his playbook.
-Mommy was the shot clock & basketball hoop (my arms were covered with orange sleeves and went through the holes of the backboard. I just draped the net over my arms.) The shot clock I just painted on a black piece of cardstock and added a cardstock loop to go around my head.
-Kara was our Phoenix Suns basketball player - Steve Nash to be precise :)
-Emma was our adorable basketball (I took one of those Carter pumpkin costumes that are always around during Halloween and just stitched on a felt basketball over the pumpkin face)

Hope another family can do this as their theme too.  It was really fun and didn't take too long.  I really only needed to make Emma and I's costume.

Well, happy crafting and God Bless!

Heather Joy

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