Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quiet Book Page #17: Toolbox

Around Halloween last year I found some cute plastic tools for a construction costume in the Target dollar section. I got three, just in case I could come up with something. Well, I finally did about a year later.  Here's what the final toolbox page looks like.  I think I might work on making a wood beam box that has some pretend pieces for her to hammer together or something.  But first things first.  Here's the quick tutorial.

Here's the quick pictures of the Toolbox page:

First you need to cut the main rectangle and glue or sew on one half of the Velcro.

Next cut out the red strip that will fit on the box, along with the 'TOOLBOX' letters. Glue them on.

Sew on the main rectangle, after the Velcro dried on it.

Now, cut out the long thin blue strip for the top of the toolbox, along with the handle. Then pin everything where it should go. But sew the handle on first, then the lid next.

Now, glue the other half of the velcro onto the underside of the lid, making sure to line everything up. and last but not least, glue on the toolbox word to the top. Then stuff it with your tools and let your kids   enjoy!

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