Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quiet Book #18: Going to Church

This is the Going To Church Page.  It has a car that represents ours and you drive it down the street to the church.  It's really fun and simple.  The girls seem to really like this page.

To start here are all the pieces you'll need: tree top, tree trunk, house, roof, door for house, two pieces of the street, church, two church windows, two doors to church, a bunch of yellow strips for the lines on the road.

Here were my plans when I first started, it kind of shifted and turned into a church page.  It was originally just a car driving page, but why not incorporate some church into it I say?!

Here's everything pinned down and ready to sew.

Before you start sewing I made sure to glue down the stripes for the road.

Here's the final picture again.  The doors on the church open and the top of the roof of the house opens to reveal the gold car that comes out and can drive down the road to the church.  The girls especially love pretending their friends are coming in and out of the doors. 

Sorry for the sideways pictures! I couldn't find my files to even fix it. Anyhoo...

Happy crafting and God Bless!

Heather Joy

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