Friday, September 13, 2013

RAK: HEB Parking Lot

This is part of our Random Acts of Kindness Campaign. Check out the original post to find out more.

Today, I started off like any day: with my list of things I needed to get done, one of which was the  grocery store.  So, I packed the kids up and headed to HEB.  As we walk in I see someone walking out with a bouquet of idea is sparked.  So, I ask Kara "You think we could bless someone with some flowers today?"  An enthusiastic, "Yes, mom!" was the response I received.  So upon entering we go by the flower section and pick up a cute, small bouquet.  We carry it around thinking of how we could possibly pass this blessing on to someone and to whom, as we pick up our groceries.  We check out and start walking to the car.  We are parked right in the front, so we pull up to the car.  Still waiting on what we should do with these flowers.  I look down our row of the lot and there they are.

Just while we were inside shopping I saw two ladies with some children.  While some might say they were having a difficult time with their kids, I would just say they were having many opportunities of training at the moment.  You could sense their frustration.  You knew they had things to accomplish on 'their list' the same as you and me, so I could feel for them.  They're just trying to get the grocery shopping done and the kids are making more difficult then planned.  We saw the confrontation and the reprimand and like anyone else I was secretly praising her in my head for disciplining her child in public, which so many parents seem afraid to do now a days.  But we casually stroll by in search of some butter, and think nothing of it.

Well, there they were again, right in the parking lot just 4 or 5 cars down from ours.  So, I quick as Kara if she thinks that they would like some flowers today and she quickly agrees.  So I push the cart a little farther, hand the flowers and our "Light Up New Braunfels" card and have her hand them to them.  At first, the women who received the flowers was wondering what's going on when a mom with two kids in the cart strolls up and starts randomly handing them flowers.  But then I just said, "We're just doing a random act of kindness."  And immediately I almost start to cry.  You can see the joy in her face.  The moment she just needed a lift God was able to use us to do that.  And I've never felt more blessed in my life.  She thanks us about

10 times and we tell her that we just hope they have a blessed day as we casually walk back 4 cars over to load my car with the groceries we just purchased.

I don't know whether it was because of the lady's overwhelming gratitude or seeing my 4 year old daughter so eager to participate in loving like Jesus would love that made me almost loose it, but all I know is I'm addicted!  I'm addicted to a life of looking and searching out for ways to make a difference and to love like Jesus wants us to love.  I'm not going to any more just walk through life just doing 'my list' but rather I'm going to wake up and say, "Lord, I have some things to accomplish today but I hope and pray you will place people along my path that I can be a blessing to.  Help me be attentive to see them and to actively plan to leave a love trail behind me."

So, my challenge to you is buy some flowers and bless someone's day.

God Bless,
Heather Joy

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