Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quiet Book #29: Camping Tent

Here's a quick quiet book page for you.  I didn't really take pictures on this one.  This camping page is part of the camping & s'mores pages that go together.  Check out the previous post about it here.

Here is are my quick sketches for the page:

I thought about having a picture of our family inside somehow, or people she could take out and play with, but I thought that zipper itself was a great fine motor skill, so I chose just an quick and easy iron on.  I found some owl ones at Hobby Lobby.

Here are the pieces you'll need:
-Tent Shape
-Windows for tent
-Iron On Animal or something else to put inside the tent

Here are the felt pieces I needed for both of my camping pages. Ready to go!

So, like I said before, I didn't take any pictures along the way.  This page is obviously pretty self explanatory.  

1. First, cut up the middle of the tent and cut away any excess.  This will make room for zipper. 
You will probably want to pin the zipper in as you do this, at least temporarily. 

2.Then sew on the windows onto the tent.

3. Stitch on or sew on the zipper.  I don't have a zipper foot for my sewing machine so I just hand stitched it on.

4. Then sew on the whole tent.

5.  Sew on the moon.

6.  Lastly, you can unzip and iron on your animal or person or whatever you chose
 to hide inside your tent.

Here's the finished product again:

Here it is alongside the s'mores page.  I love this page for Summer!  
Camping trips are always on our Summer bucket list!

Well, hope that was easy enough for you!  Happy Crafting and God Bless!

Heather Joy

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