Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Homeschool Planner

Well, since I've been showing you a bit of our homeschool routine I thought I might as well show you the gem of the crop.  I'm going to take you through my entire homeschool planner.

I've had a couple different lesson plans within my notebook that I've used and since homeschooling needs are ever changing I want to make sure to show you both versions. I hope you will find them beneficial to you.  I'll go through the notebook with my original planner and then at the bottom I will show you a new revised planner I just created to help me get even more organized with things.

Hooray for organization!

Well, to start things off I created this cover.  I just found a free frame, background and silhouette online and put them together to make my cover.  I used this same theme to organize all of my binders and drawers etc. They all have the gray chevron with the happy pink frame that just makes me smile.

Open it up and here's what you see:
This is the first version of my planner.  This is what I access the most so that's why it's on top. I created this last year and it worked very well for me at the time.  It gets broken down into each day (Thursday-Friday is on the back side) with the subjects listed at the side.  I also included in type some of the things that were more consistent with our curriculum, so I didn't have to write it in all the time.

After my planner I have my God's Purpose Of Education Handout that I received at one of my teacher training way back when I was a kindergarten assistant teacher at a Christian school out in Arizona for over 8 years.  We got lots of resources and training in my years there and this handout was found one day in my pile of things I saved.  I'm keep it in here as Biblical reminders of why education is important and helps me remember the ultimate goal: raising up a generation of good character, who's heart is towards God and His ways.

After that I have a couple table of contents or chapter guides for some of the curriculum I've chosen to use.  This helps me at a glance to check what's up and coming.  Sometimes I'll mark down the month or week we did something, so I know where we stand on everything.  This has really helped me in saving time when it comes to planning next week. I can quickly pull from these Table of Contents of my main books: math, writing, Bible, etc. and have a better jumping off point.

Next up is my Character Training Lesson Plan.  I created this in the future hopes of starting to do a character focus for each week or month and work it into our plans.  We haven't used it yet because my girls are still so little and we're just focusing on key traits like being 'nice' to our sister. Ha! But I thought I would just give you a peek at what I've prepared for the future too.  It's important to have a vision. "Without vision the people perish" says the Bible. 

Lastly, to organize my old lesson plans I put two small sticky note tabs in the back of my binder.  I place the 'old' lesson plans back there as well as keep on hand all my 'new' unused lesson plans for upcoming weeks.  Makes it easy for me to look back to see what we focused on.

I hope you've enjoyed peeking through my planner.  I'm still on this journey of learning to organize my homeschooling life with my girls.  I can only share what works for us...and I'm sure I will find better ways along the way. But I hope this inspires you to organize your planner.

Happy Homeschooling and God Bless!

Heather Joy

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