Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quiet Book #2: Pumpkin Page

Here are the plans and the finished product.  This one is so easy and I forgot to take pictures as I was making it, but as you can see, there's not much to it.

First, I cut out all the pieces.  Then started by sewing on the pumpkin.  I started where the stem was and slide that just under the pumpkin.  Don't sew down the stem, which will leave it more fun for the kiddos to play with.

Next, I sewed the bottom of the box.  Then I sewed on the rick rack on the top of the box.  Next, I sewed on the box top.  That's pretty much it.  Since, I started to create this quiet book, I decided that I was going to make 3 books.  What I'm going to with the other two I'm not sure yet.  I'll either sell them or give them as gifts.  But here they are, all happy 3 pumpkins.

And here are the face pieces that I cut:  hearts, circles, squares, triangles and then 3 mouth variations.

You may be wondering why I didn't put on velcro on the pumpkin or pieces.  Well, my thought is that if the pieces get lost it will make it a lot more time consuming and costly to repair them.  Also, if I truly want Kara to be able to use this in church, as a QUIET book, then I want it truly that: QUIET, no velcro noises.  Well, there you are.  Enjoy! 

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