Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Playroom Transformation #3: Flannelboard - Corkboard Makeover

Here's another playroom tutorial for you! For this one I just had an old cork board lying around that I wanted to re-purpose into a flannel board. So, here's a few pictures along the way:

I painted the trim with just some acrylic paint. I was not looking for perfection and I wanted it to have an aged look, since I knew it wasn't going to be perfect. So, after I painted it I actually sanded it a bit to give it that worn look.

Next, I took my roll of heat and bond and ironed it around the edges and a strip in the middle.

Then, I worked on the actual felt board. I wanted to have a permanent division between land and sky so I made my accordingly but you could skip this step and just keep it a solid color if you wish. I cut my felt to the right size (took a bit more time then expected). I then pinned on my grass hill .

I sewed it together.

Then all you have to do it start ironing it on once you have it lined up.

Some pointers when ironing it on:
-Use a thin cloth over it so you don't accidently burn the felt.
-Don't rush. It takes a little bit of time making sure every portion of the heat strip actually adhered to the felt.
-Make sure the felt doesn't move while your doing it. But on the plus side, felt can stretch, so if you end up having a gap just try to stretch the felt as you iron.

And there you have it: A fun corkboard re-purposed into a flannel board. Now, bust out that fairy tale felt pieces and let the kids play!

Happy crafting and God Bless!

Heather Joy

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