Friday, August 2, 2013

Quiet Book #23: Purse

This was actually one of the first pages I made, I just never took pictures of it.  It's not my favorite and now that I know you can find really cute printed felt I think I would have gone that route to give it more stability and a cleaner look. But with all that being said, here it is:

I just cut out fabric the shape I wanted and did a really tight zig zag stitch around the whole thing. First I did the back piece of the purse, next the top piece and then finally I stitched on the top the opening piece. Don't forget to put the handle underneath before you sew on everything else.  I left it up and just put some velcro so she could pretend she was holding it.  It's pretty flimsy being only fabric but she still likes it.

Then stuff it with goodies that every girl needs in her purse: chapstick, a key (one side has a picture of a house, the other side a car), a mirror and a bible book.

Happy crafting and God Bless!

Heather Joy

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