Friday, September 20, 2013

Quiet Book #26: Smores & Campfire

Here is another quiet book installment for you. This is the S'mores part of our camping pages. You can see it goes along with the camping tent page, which I will post later.  This is a fun page because you can really toast the marshmallow over a standing up fire. 
And then make a delicious s'mores with it.


Here were the plans I started making along the way. I originally wanted to make a tent and sleeping bag on the same page as the fire but things always seem to change as I start going along.

Here's most of the items you'll need:
-brown felt (for chocolate and stick)
-red felt for s'mores box
-yellow and orange colors for fire
-tan for firewood, graham crackers and toasted part on marshmallow
-white for marshmallow

Start by gluing all the tedious rectangles on your bar of chocolate and the flames for your fire.

Here I sewed together the tan graham crackers as well as the toasted part on the marshmallow.

Make sure to leave the other side of the marshmallow white ( I actually forgot to switch my bobbin and so the thread is tan on the back. oops, showing a little bit of my laziness to switch out my bobbin). But the point is you want one side white and one side toasted so after you put it on the fire you can switch it.

Next, start on the stick. I found a nice shape and then I traced it onto cardboard from an old cereal pizza box. You don't want it too flimsy.

Trace the same shape onto the brown felt, twice. Grab out your glue again and glue it together with a felt piece on the front as well as the back.

Then start working on the bag for your s'mores stuff by cutting out the rectangle to size and I added a triangle piece on each size so that way it would have more depth to hold all the fixings inside:

A couple pictures of me making it along the way:

I sewed the triangle sides onto what will be the front of the bag.

Then I just pinned that down as straight as I could before sewing it down onto the page.

 Here's a picture of how much space that added to my bag. You don't have to choose to do this you could always come up with a zipper pouch or something else to store your s'mores fixings into.

Then add the handle underneath the top edge of the bag.

I'm missing some pictures of the rest but you'll need to:

-add a pocket for the stick
-stitch down some firewood pieces
-sew down just the bottom edge of each flame so they can stand up like a real fire, like so:

-add velcro to the marshmallows on both sides so you can flip back and forth. You can see it a little in this picture on one side of the marshmallow

And once you've spent about forever making all this happen you will be super excited to show your kiddos all your hard work, and maybe even plan a family camping trip to reveal this page on your trip.

Happy crafting and God Bless!
Heather Joy

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