Friday, February 27, 2015

Cupcakery Menu

I recently moved around our playroom after our Texas addition. If you haven't seen what we added you should check it out here! In the process of moving things around though we shifted the bakery to the corner near the laundry room entrance. If you remember from before in that same corner we have the book sling I made a while back. Here's the link to that if you want to catch up.

Anyways, after moving the cupcakery in front of the book sling I was tempted to take it off because what kid is going to go in behind the bakery to find a book to read? Well, not me if I was a kid. Then I though about another way I could repurpose the book sling and thus, we created our Sweet Sisters Bakery menu.

I have experience using InDesign since I used to design wedding albums for a photography business. I also still design on occasion for our church. So, I used InDesign and pieced together some graphics and set some easy pricing for the items so they can practice counting dollars here shortly.  I will probably in the sometime future make a menu that actually counts down to the penny that will challenge them a bit more and we can use it as more money practice as they get older.

(Crease before you laminate)

Here are a couple pictures of how the menu's turned out.  As you'll see I used my EZ Laminator (which I love!) and laminated them to help them hold up to the rough play of kids.

We put them in the temporarily unused book sling behind the bakery. So, now when you visit the Sweet Sisters Bakery they will turn around and grab you a menu to look through before you order.

I hope you enjoy!

Heather Joy

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