Friday, February 20, 2015

Ryan's 30th Mustache Bash

This February my honey turned the big 3-0! I recently made that right of passage myself and he did such a good job at pulling off a surprise party I knew I had to do something special. So, I decided to go with the ever popular and very trendy mustache theme.

I created this invite to send out to all of his friends. He knew of his party but had no idea what the theme was to keep it more fun for him.

I created all the graphics that you'll see in this post. If you're interested in purchasing them skip on down to the bottom and you'll find a link to my etsy store. Thanks and I hope you enjoy all the photos!

I want to keep this post simple and so I'm not going to do much writing but I'm mostly going to post pictures because when push comes to shove, that's what we want to see! You don't want to here me blab about how I had so much fun making this invitation or how I can't believe I was able to find some candy cigarettes and fake mustaches to buy for the party, or how I made mustache brownie bites and a photos booth area with props...etc. You want to see the photos, right?! So, here you have it:

We honestly didn't use the camera, but it was there just in case so I didn't miss any photos of our guests. I ended up just running over with my phone every time. It was pretty funny though!

 Everyone upon entering grabbed their own 'stache and signed our big chalkboard guestbook.

 I used all old, childhood photos and just turned them all black and white and put them on the doors in the big 3-0. Always plan more than what you think!! I used 80 on here and I could have used a lot more!

I kept the menu pretty simple: hummus, pita chips, carrots sticks and broccoli, pizza, cheese cubes, chips, and of course my favorite thing was the candy cigarettes!!

Here's our Name that Stache Game. I gave them 3 minutes to complete the list and there were bonus points awarded if they could name the movie/show that the actor was in (if applicable). That's what all those little stars are for.

My old husband, ha! Just kidding. He's still as young and cute as the day I met him, when we were 3. I love this guy! Happy birthday honey!

Well, if you like what you saw and are interested in having a mustache party of your own, I can save you a lot of time because I am offering all the printables you see here on my etsy store! That includes a customized invitation, grab a stache sign, and the form and sign for the Name that Stache Game. Check it out here!

Well, I hope you guys have a good one! Until next time!

God Bless!

Heather Garcia

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