Friday, August 30, 2013

Playroom Transformation #6: Mailbox

Here's another addition to our playroom transformation: the mailbox. Here's a nice picture.

I had my wonderful husband use his jigsaw and cut a metal mailbox in half.

Then he found a thick piece of wood, placed the cut mailbox onto it, traced it and cut it just a bit smaller so it would slip right in the metal mailbox.

Pre drill the holes into the wood.

Paint the wood piece. I chose pink. I thought it would be fun to see a pop of pink when you open the mailbox. I painted black around the sides in case the mailbox doesn't lay exactly flush to the wall.

Then, let your muscles do the work for you. :)  He pre-drilled holes in the wall.

Then he screwed the wood piece onto the wall.

Next, he drilled screws all around the sides of the mailbox.

Looks pretty great! Now, I just have to eventually add a pole for it to stand on and maybe even a flower bed underneath it.

Happy Crafting and God Bless!

Heather Joy

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