Friday, August 30, 2013

Quiet Book Tutorial: Any figure or object on felt for your quiet books!!

Okay, so here is the money maker.  I've been working on my quiet book pages for awhile now and I have a super big thing about not making them impossibly hard and time consuming but not having them look ugly and lame either.  So, this is my trick of the trade. See the pictures above? See all those adorable dogs that would have taken me forever if I wanted to make felt dogs even remotely close to those? Well, this tutorial will show you how to make them. And after you've learned a whole new world of quiet book making will be open to you. Let's begin:

-Find whatever image you want to make into felt for your books.

-Buy some T-Shirt Transfers.  I got mine on Amazon for a very reasonable price. Note: there are T-shirt transfers designed for light and dark clothes, so make sure you know the difference. I just bought the light colored ones and planned to put white felt behind almost everything.

-Then reverse your image (some things won't matter but this is a MUST for text) because it will be backwards after you complete this process.

-Print them onto the transfer papers. (The sample below is from my zoo page and you can see the text on top is flipped backwards)

-Get your sheet of white felt and iron away!  I felt that this takes quite a bit of time.  You don't want your iron up too hot to burn the felt but that hasn't happened to me yet even when I'm impatient and crank the heat up anyways.  Just take your time and slowly move the iron across until it's good and hot...and then do it some more...and some more....and some more.  You can try lifting the corner once you think it's done.  Peel the whole paper off.

-Then just cut out your shapes.

Now you have perfectly cute people and objects to work into your designs! Here are a couple more pages I've made using this idea. I've also really loved added poems and lots more text on pages than I would have before- no time for cute embroidery in my life.

I created the top poem with this technique. Compare the bottom text I tried to write with a sharpie. Boo! Lessons learned along the way I guess.

Here, I created the frogs as well as the printed song.

These are the farm animals for my barn page.

Well, happy crafting and Blessings to you!

Heather Joy

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